What is Escort Pre-screening

For many of the upscale escorts they will ask you to go through a pre-screening process.

The escorts do this procedure to ensure that you have a good reputation and/or have submitted identification to ensure you are trustworthy.

Escorts may want to look at any references lodged about you by other escorts you have visited. These can be found at a popular pre-screening website. The reference would be an escort you have seen in the past and can verify you are legitimate and well behaved.

Many escorts prefer to see that you have at least two references, that way they can verify you and proceed with setting up an appointment.
If you don’t have the references you will need to provide personal information to your pre-screening provider.

The two most popular pre-screening websites:

  • P411 (www.preferred411.com/)  $129 per year
  • Date-Check (www.date-check.com/)
    $12.95 monthly, $24.95 quarterly, $39.95 semi-annual, $69.25 annual and $124.95 lifetime.

    ID to verify your identity usually includes your name, phone number, and work information.