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Kandace Kelan

Kandace Kellan Black Escort NYC


Black Escort Kandace Kellan


Black Escorts New York

Venus Incarnate

Cleopatra in Lingerie, Mesmerizing Captivation, Contessa of Contortion.  Got your attention?

I am called many names, but for you my lover , call me Kandace,  others who celebrate my existence whisper my name as Venus Incarnate.

I am not just an escort, I am an enchantress, a siren, a temptress, a courtesan of the most refined order, and you can find me right here amongst New York City.  I also venture to Dubai , London and Singapore.

Be sure to check out my blog, which will give you my dear gentleman, an idea as to type of woman that I am. Soulful, super sensual, and wonderfully hilarious.

For outrageous skits and fine wine recommendations please follow me on Twitter @KandaceKellan.

I love to post semi-nude images of myself doing yoga in exotic places on instagram – @VenusVirus as well as wrestling with tigers and losing myself in Beijing and many other places.

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