Passion Upscale Black Escort Chicago


The Chase.
What is it that you are truly seeking? A blissful experience that goes to the heart of your well-being? If yes, let me show you that extraordinary thing we are both seeking.

The Personality.
My name is Passion Brown also known as ‘love bug’ (a dynamic girl who pursues human affection, intimate interaction and the highest quality sexuality). Through my education and life experiences you will find me one very intelligent, articulate, and thoughtful person with an attractive sense-of-humor. Though I am considered an attractive woman, it’s my big heart that will pull you in. (wink)

The Lady.
Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Many have considered attractive . I have smooth silk like ebony-skin complexion and large, grey eyes (a gift from my mom) distinguishing features of my heritage. I possess a smile that will warm you up at sight, luscious succelent red lips and long sexy legs combined with a slender petite feminine black body. Well done God!!

The Experience.
what gets you going? I welcome you into my life and world and you can do the same. Let’s enjoy all this life can give us with laughs and gorgeous love in full effect and complete abandon.

Waiting patiently…..
Passion Brown

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